Located in the sea of Tirreno, Ischia perfectly represents the Mediterranean image. The Mediterranean climate and the various thermes have made it on loved place for tourists from all over the world. Because of it’ s vulcanic origine, the island Ischia has one of the richest hydrothermal legacies in the world. In teh VII century BC its waters were already konwn and valued by th Greeks, who used the thermal water to restore the body and the soul. Ischia is an island where it is compulsory to let oneself be stranded in nature. There are hundreds of paths which lead to the discovery of the islands. For example the visit to the forest of the Falanga, a high plain which lies at the foot of Mount Epomeo, rich with chestnut trees and acacias. Solitary or guided island tours, trekking, mountain bike, boat trips, diving and fishing: there is ample choice for those who wish to explore the most striking glimpses of the island. Ischia represents land and sea, which is also an influence for the island’s culinary tradition. Also the wine is excellent and it’ s appreciated all over the world. Ischia offers all above and ever more and it will be a pleasure visit it.